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Experience cutting-edge technology for biomechanical evaluation with idmatch Bike Lab. This high-tech toolkit simplifies analysis while ensuring scientific reliability. With a mechatronic simulator, markerless software, and a 3D scanner, it offers a unique, professional-grade experience. Powered by artificial intelligence, it remembers and enhances activities for each athlete. Choose between the portable light version or the comprehensive professional version. Transform your manual activities into a pro-level analysis with idmatch Bike Lab.

The revolutionary idmatch Analysis System is an innovative software that analyzes cyclists in real-time. Utilizing 3D scanning, it accurately assesses riders & movements without markers and instantly adjusts the Smart Bike settings for optimal performance. Experience cutting-edge analysis with idmatch and unlock your cycling potential like never before.

Idmatch is an automated simulator designed to replicate any desired setup position determined by the Analysis System. Developed to cater to all cycling disciplines, the ultimate solution to meet your specific needs. Explore limitless possibilities with idmatch Smart Bike!

Idmatch SetUp System is a precise tool for measuring bike settings accurately. It not only enables you to replicate the recommended measurements from a bike fitting but also simplifies distance and angle calculations using laser indicators and receivers on the saddle and handlebar. Achieve optimal precision effortlessly with idmatch SetUp System.

The idmatch Accessories Pack is a versatile bundle of accessories that seamlessly integrate with the Smart Bike. This comprehensive collection provides a wide range of saddles and handlebars, allowing you to simulate and explore various market solutions. Unlock endless possibilities with the idmatch Accessories Pack.

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